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RiverWide Tech is a corporation focused on the online tech sector with focus on digital advertising/marketing fields.

RiverWide Tech, Inc. has decades of global experience in building online marketing companies from the ground up and also have depth and skills in the advertising industry ranging from CPM monetization to performance based marketing. 

The company’s mandate is to consult and help incubate online businesses of all sizes while also providing resources and high level direction. RiverWide Tech, Inc. offers custom plans for its partners and also participates in private equity arrangements.


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Adzumo.com, an advertising network which offers high quality traffic to its advertisers via flat deals as well as RTB (Real Time Bidding). Its publishers enjoy an easy-to-use ad platform and generate safe, on-time revenue so they can focus on their own bottom line.


Torazzo.com, a performance-based affiliate marketing platform which offers its advertisers a high quality and limitless potential for growth. It’s affiliates enjoy high paying offers, excellent support team as well as on time payment for their traffic.

DTF4 Media

DTF4Media.com, an in-house media buying company which focuses only on high quality traffic for its clients.


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